Slowly going up Rrose’s back catalog since her last appearance in Munich, I end up on her 2012 set for the Resident Advisor Podcast. The version on Mixcloud is a shy ... read more

Even though getting enlightened while doing the dishes sounds enticing, many people are nowadays equipped with a dishwasher. Luckily enough, technical innovation does not permeate ... read more

“Next time you go clubbing, ask around what’s the sum over k of 1 / k2” once said my math teacher. “You’ll see who’s worth partying with”. ... read more

Being an audiophile is as much about the gear as it is about the art of music. I had an offbeat feeling this year, as if air was shaking while missing out on the art component. Luckily ... read more

A student recently asked me how I managed to get the “Remote Development Extension Pack” provided by Microsoft to work with the open source software VSCodium ... read more

I wanted to self-host a URL shortener for a long time in order to easily share blog posts, lecture material, files etc. Surprisingly, ... read more

The kids loved it more than anything. They never missed a chance to ask me to play the record. Múm became our companion in nap. I loved ... read more

As I am writing these lines, Jean-Luc le Ténia was taking his own life in his mother town, Le Mans - France, 10 years ago. I can feel ... read more

While there have been some back and forths on whether Pint of Science 2020 should take place or not, we decided it is safer, easier, and wiser to simply cancel this edition. Still, you shouldn’t worry much, we are intensively working on the brew for 2021 ... read more

Pint of Science 2020 was expected to take place on the three evenings of the 11th, 12th, and 13th of May 2020 worldwide. However, as you may have learned from elsewhere, the global COVID-19 situation and the extended containment period made us reconsider these dates. ... read more

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