Isn't Music the Art of Shaking Air?

Or, My Playlist for Next Year

Being an audiophile is as much about the gear as it is about the art of music. I had an offbeat feeling this year, as if air was shaking while missing out on the art component. Luckily, sticking long enough with the Admire Audio AA4 led me to re-discover “Volver volver”, Buika (2008). There’s definitely something magical about horns, especially when they’re lifting voices like Buika’s (wait for the trumpet to enter). Other time, other horns, the Avantgarde Trio G3 is playing “Two Thousand and Seventeen”, Four Tet (2017). I like how they got people silent, meditative, with unabashed basses, and ultra-wide and sharp soundscapes.

The rest of the show unfortunately remained musically underwhelming. Why does everyone seem to be playing Norah Jones and Katie Melua1?

Finally, some kicks permeate a closed door. The Adriatique Remix of “Atlas”, Marc Romboy (2015) is playing on the impressive Credo Cinema LTM. Did we really have to wait for the Swiss to come and play German house — loud — in Germany?

Anyway, here are two hours of unordered tracks I think make sense for my taste when listening to a new system:

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