Loksins Erum Við Engin

Or, Finally We Are No One

The kids loved it more than anything. They never missed a chance to ask me to play the record. Múm became our companion in nap. I loved to see their breath and mind finally getting some rest after hours of running and jumping around. Nap time was as much a precious and mindful moment for me as it was for them. I know they got it.

Still, Múm is not composing kids lullabies. Instead, they are the Icelandic band that embodies what the island is all about in delicate, fragile, and organic tunes. Since the late 90’s, they released 6 full length albums and played live on several occasions. “Loksins erum við engin” or “finally we are no one” in English most certainly stands at the pinnacle of their creativity and remains one of their most polished work. I remember offering the record to those I love. I hope it sill brings peace to their home today.

Album cover of the Icelandic version of finally we are no one
Album cover of the Icelandic version of “finally we are no one”.

“finally we are no one” has become rare to find. Slowly vanishing from streaming platforms, it has also shown to be impossible to find in record stores. I am glad I have a copy safe in my collection, I am also glad it is coming with me on this occasion.

The plane leans on its side, I open my eyes and see Iceland from above. I see clouds hugging the mountains, green freckles on a volcanic skin, and a pale blue sky stretching beyond the horizon. The closing song “The Land Between Solar Systems” starts playing and I can finally feel my body getting closer to the ground.

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